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Splendor Security Services Inc. is company offer a true full service approach to property management in Ontario with a candidate focus that results in satisfied clients. By focusing on quality candidates, we provide employees who fit the career, whether it is permanent or temporary. We can immediately respond to our clients’ needs because of our effective account management and access to a pool of motivated candidates. Our program works because of personalization. Splendor Security Services Inc. is the first Company in Ontario that takes the time to understand our candidates before sending them to our clients. Most of all we understand our candidates, we have confidence they will fit well in their new job. In the end, our process benefits all involved because of the following a list criteria.


At Splendor Security Services Inc. We all speak knowledgeably in addressing your questions, and any advice that we give you comes from that first-hand experience. We believe that developing partnership is more important than anything else. We know our candidates, and their qualifications well. We thoroughly brief all prospects on any unique requirements to a placement, ensuring the best match possible between employee and employer. Our clients are well satisfied with our work, we will always make sure you are very satisfied with the work we do. A large percentage of our clients are long term repeat customers. They know they can trust Splendor Security Services Inc. to ask the right questions, and receive right answer, understand their industry and its unique requirements, and offer some of the best qualified personnel for each position offered.

Immediacy we are able to fill your needs efficiently without sacrificing quality, we already have relationships with many quality candidates, and we anticipate client needs through effective account management. Splendor Security Services Inc. will always make sure its clients are well satisfied.

In order for us to get to know what need to be done, and quality we ask some questions to be sure we can offer you what you need most. Our representatives take the time to understand your business to ensure you get a quality product offered by Splendor Security Services Inc.

Keeping customers and clients happy is the key to continued success something Expedite Security Group Ltd. knows about first hand. We understand that customer service is the frontline of your business just as we understand the traits that make someone a stellar customer service representative. The customer service roles we recruit for include,

We measure the customer service aptitude of every candidate we consider before presenting you with only the most responsible, positive, adaptable, and sales oriented individuals available.

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