We are a locally owned and operated company and have dedicated our focus to offering specific services designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our customer service has been recognized as being one of, if not the best in Ontario. With our dedicated management team and strategic partnerships, we can resolve any security or life-safety issue within your budget.

Quality, and innovation is what best describes Palisades Response range of security services.


Providing the most diverse range of security services to any company in Ontario, from guard services, to mobile security, to full property management, Splendor Security Services Inc. has the ability to meet all your security needs. Originally founded on the need for a higher standard in the industry and the promise of providing quality services in Scarborough, Ontario. Splendor Security Services Inc. is the top security and after provider in Toronto, and a leader in the industry, Palisades Response will provide you with certified, licensed, insured, and bonded Security Guards and Patrol Officers tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Our pre-employment background investigation and requirements exceeds most security companies. In addition, our personnel must submit to a battery of aptitude tests, a 4-panel interview, and extensive in-service training regarding criminal law and police defensive tactics. Splendor Security Services Inc. has taken a unique approach to the business of contract security. Our approach involves a proactive theory of well-groomed, exceptionally trained, uniformed security guards and patrol officers. Our strategy entails several steps to mitigate the possibility and opportunity for theft of property, or injury to persons within the facility. The following is an overview of our Security Officer Project:

Our guards

The quality we bring to your environment begins long before you see our security guards and patrol officers. The Board of Directors at Palisades Response has resolved to make the recruitment and training of our personnel the key to our quality service.


We conduct training that exceeds that of any of our competitor’s programs. The knowledge of our management team is passed on to our new employees. In addition to the Province mandated, BST 1 & 2 certification courses, Palisades Response’s personnel must attend:

A. 12-hour Defensive Tactics Training
B. 16-hour Patrol Techniques & Criminal Law
C. 16-hour Customer Service Seminar

Our uniformed security guards and patrol officers are trained to act as a criminal deterrent by adopting the principals of the provincial and federal law methodology. Simply put, our guards are encouraged to be an approachable source of information to patrons, residents and employees. Letting the public know that we are there for them generates a feeling of community and safety.

Splendor Security Services Inc. offers, free of charge, supervisory personnel to insure strict adherence to our policies and your rules, regulations and ordinances. Splendor Security Services Inc. supervisory personnel are required to possess a minimum of 4 years of law enforcement experience. Our supervisors are in charge with scheduling, and assigning security posts. Supervisory personnel are available to you 24 hours every day in order maintain quality assurance and customer service on behalf of Splendor Security Services Inc.

24-Hour Customer Service

Our offices are staffed around the clock with customer service representatives for your convenience. While most of our competitors work from their homes, Splendor Security Services Inc. staffs a fully functional office. Our customer service representatives are not salespeople; they are security professionals assigned to light duty or administrative functions. Desk personnel are utilized as watch-commanders with full authority to make supervisory decisions for Palisades Response. Furthermore, each client will be provided a 24/7 contact number specific to the each site. This gives our clients 24/7 access to the security guards on site from anywhere they may be.

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