Why Us

Splendor Security Services Inc. is unmatched in the industry for providing the highest quality of comprehensive security services available. We provide a full range of solutions, whether your needs require uniformed officers, mobile patrols, loss prevention specialists or emergency response. We design and implement security solutions for a complete range of quality clients, including public and private institutions, office and residential complexes, museums and much more.The work performed by Splendor Security Services Inc. in security industry go far beyond basic security. We realize that the property we strive to protect are for many individuals, each with unique needs and expectations. As such, Splendor Security Services Inc. places great emphasis on recruiting employees that can adeptly perform their duties to ensure the comfort and security of residents.

Presentation is vitally important both in reflecting Splendor Security Services Inc. and our clients. Splendor Security Services Inc. Guards are required to present themselves in the most professional manner both in dress and when dealing with residents. When working in the position of any housing officer or concierge, it is important to have good communication, comprehension, and problem solving skills. Each of our Security guards is hand-picked to meet these criteria. Our security and patrol officers are ambassadors of protection. As one of the fastest growing privately owned security companies in the Ontario


Our guards provide many services ranging from access control, dealing with resident complaints, to providing assistance in emergency situations. Our security staffs realize the most important aspect of their job is protecting the safety of the residents. They take it into their hands to ensure that all traffic in and out of the building is meticulously observed and documented. Additionally, it is mandatory that every guard goes through an intensive training program specific to buildings duties and responsibilities along with mandatory first aid/ CPR training to maximize security and safety.

In tandem with our housing officer program, Splendor Security Services Inc. also offers a unique parking control program which enhances the existing access control system. Our clients are always pleased to find a decrease in parking offenses and trespassing as well as an increase in safety due to more stringent regulations and guard patrols.

When situations arise, you can rest assured that our guards are adequately trained to deal effectively with any problem as well as maintain control and ensure the safety of all those involved. Splendor Security Services Inc. embraces its role of providing exceptional, high-quality, professional security services to all clients, employees, patrons and community members who work, visit or live at the sites we protect. It is the goal of our company to develop trusted business partnerships with our clients. Our clientele depend on us for the highest caliber training and state of the art protection and we work to exceed their expectations. The benchmark training and skill set of our superior workforce is our most important asset. Each staff member—from office managers to field representatives—understands that our continued success depends on providing customer service with precision and at the highest level possible.

In addition to protecting our clients against the loss of property, Advanced Security Solutions values its responsibility to protect our clients from immediate, present and future illegal activity on site. We proudly accept our mission.

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